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NY Tech Meetup January Meetup

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Scott H.


5 people get 5 minutes each to demo something cool to New York's tech community.

  • January Presenters *
  • BitWine - people can buy and sell Talent and Knowledge, in real-time, using audio, video and real time billing.
  • Daylife - a system that automatically organizes news from thousands of sources, presenting it in a variety of ways and making connections you never knew existed.
  • Citizen Image - service professionally representing everyday photographers to editorial and creative buyers.
  • An animation technique which uses free software and cheap electronics to make a traditionally tedious and time consuming art into something fun and accessible
  • Changingthepresent - a comprehensive new marketplace for the social sector, facilitating donation gifts (charitable donations made in a friend's name) in lieu of giving more unwanted merchandise.

Don't forget that we'll be passing the hat for $5 per person to cover venue rental.

Questions? Contact Jen Vento, Co-Organizer (https://newtech.meetup... (

Thanks to DFJ Gotham and Wilson Sonsini.

7 East 7th Street · New York, NY
291 spots left