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August 2007 NY Tech Meetup

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Scott H.


This one's different

We sold out at 700 RSVPs last week, but after 33 consecutive monthly NY Tech Meetups, we didn't get enough presenters that'd satisfy this crowd.

So instead of risking it with presentations that some would find mediocre, I've decided to risk it with a very different format.

Many of you have suggested that the NY Tech Meetup do a better job at connecting you with other people in the NY tech community. With that, we're gonna do an experiment.

Here's the plan. No demos or presentations. It's be the NY Tech Meetup's twist on an unconference ( https://en.wikipedia.o... ( ).

  • Before 7PM, we'll put 20 signs throughout the space (hallway areas, stage, vestibule, etc), labelled 1-20.
  • At 7PM, with y'all seated, I'll ask what topics you want to discuss in small group, and as you call them out, I'll type them onto the projected screen, live, assigning each topic to a number (1-20).
  • Then, around 7:15, you choose a topic, go to that spot in the room and chat it up. We'll leave the list of spaces/topics (that I typed at the beginning) -- on the screen during the whole time. Jump from spot to spot as you wish.

It's 20 mini self-organized conferences at the same time. I think it'll be good. Some of you will decide to not show up. Some of you won't like it. But a lot of you will get to see how many great people are part of this community.

Because it's an experiment, because Wilson Sonsini & DFJ Gotham support this community, and because of your $5s at our recent Meetups, this one will be Free. So if it doesn't work, you can't ask me for your money back.

Can't wait to see what happens.....

7 East 7th Street · New York, NY
2 spots left