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The SF New Tech Meetup November Meetup

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Myles W.


This month, we've got four great Bay Area companies lined up to strut their stuff for y'all at the next SF New Tech Meetup!

Without any further ado, here's the line up for the 11/1 SF New Tech Meetup:

1) Bart Myers from GUBA, one of the first platforms for sharing and consuming user generated content, is going to show us firsthand what everyone has been talking about. ( (

2) Veronica Belmont will wow us with the latest and greatest from CNET TV. ( (

3) Jessica Hardwick will show us what's up with the increasingly popular community-driven swapping site SWAPTHING. (https://www.swapthing.... (

4) Alf Watt, one of my oldest SF buddies, has been working on his revolutionary wireless discovery tool for Mac for a long time and he's excited to share it with us. It's called ISTUMBLER and it's pretty damn cool. ( (

We'll also have our 60 Soapbox spots again, so step on up if you'd like to put a request out to the room, promote yourself/product, find a job, seek help or money -- you name it, the floor is yours for 60 seconds.

Thanks to all our sponsors:
- Jacobs & Ferraro, LLP (https://www.jacobsferr... ( for the beer and snacks.
- The Forbin Group (https://www.theforbing... ( for the pizza. (Yes!)
- FutureWorks PR (https://www.future-wor... ( for the wine.
- ... and, of course, Joel Sacks and CNET for the space!


DO IT NOW: https://newtech.meetup... (

See you in a few weeks!


Myles Weissleder
Organizer, SF New Tech Meetup
235 Second Street, (between Folsom and Howard) · San Francisco, CA
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